Cultured meat is inevitable.

BioBetter makes it possible.

A Key Growth Factor in the Food of the Future

BioBetter’s protein production technology provides a low-risk, low-cost solution that makes economical and high capacity CM production possible.

The Technology

BioBetter Ltd. has developed a groundbreaking, cost-effective, protein expression plant-based platform to produce complex growth factors for use in cultivated meat. Our disruptive technology overcomes the limitations of traditional methods and places the cost of growth factor production at <1$/gram.

By using tobacco plants grown in open fields as self-sustained, renewable energy-driven “bioreactors”, combined with a novel purification method, our technology enables unparalleled production scale of complex proteins.
Renewable energy

Who we are

BioBetter is a privately held Israeli biotech company founded in 2015. Our disruptive protein production technology is based on research conducted in Prof. Oded Shoseyov’s laboratory at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
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