Cultivated meat is inevitable.

BioBetter makes it possible.


Plant Sourced Growth Factors Hold the Key to Future Food

Introducing BioBetter™, pioneering protein production platform addressing the growing demand for Growth Factors (GFs) in the Cellular Agriculture (Cell-Ag) industry

Transition to Cultivated Meat is Essential

The convergence of world population growth with dwindling natural resources will exacerbate a shortage of meat supply in the coming decades.

Existing production technologies and infrastructures are unsuitable and too expensive for production of growth factors in sufficient volumes and at costs low enough to support commodity production of cultivated meat (CM).

Unlimited capacity at ultra-low COGs of around US$1/gram

We care about the earth and its inhabitants

having carved a sustainable platform that will help the cultivated food space thrive and become an integral part of the future of food.
BioBetter™ disruptive technology, based on tobacco plant protein-expression platform is a flexible solution that makes the cultivated meat industry commercially viable.

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The Technology

Repurposing Tobacco Plants as Bioreactors
BioBetter™ harnesses the inherent advantages of tobacco plants as bioreactors.

Grown in open fields
Animal and pollution free
Using renewable energy

All we need is air, sun and water!
Nothing will go to Waste.
All production side-streams will be reused.

Innovative, Proprietary Purification Platform

enables the scaled production ofcomplex proteins at unparalleled levels of cost efficiency and scalability.

How We Do That?

Our GFs
products line

is a line of bovine GFs
produced to advance the
production of cultivated meat.

Our Products
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