Tomorrow's Proteins.
Today's Reality.

We manufacture advanced proteins such as growth factors for the cultured meat industry or any other protein desired by foodtech industry with dramatically reduced costs and effectively unlimited production capacity.

Our novel platform employs field-grown tobacco plants as self-sustained, renewable energy-driven “bioreactors” that constitutively express recombinant proteins with innate proprietary purification technology enable unparalleled cost efficiency and production scale.

Our plant based platform technology overcomes the limitations of traditional methods and places the cost of growth factor production at <1$/gram!

Our Growth Factors

Our newest product line of bovine-like growth factors (GFs), BioBov, will advance the cultured meat industry.

These BioBov GFs are affordable, high-quality, endotoxin-free, recombinant bovine-like growth factors for the production of cultured meat.

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Our platform technology can be utilized to manufacture almost any protein that is essential to the food/foodtech industry. For example:

Sweet proteins that are up to 1000 times sweeter than sugar, so the same sweetness can be achieved using much smaller quantities — and in much healthier way.
Whey proteins (such as β-lactoglobulin and α-lactoglobulin) whose use has increased dramatically in protein-rich products.
Milk proteins (such as casein) that can be produced recombinantly, excluding the cow from the process.
species specific, custom made and tagged growth factors for cultivated meat industry.
And any other protein one can conceive of, think up, or dream about.