The Technology

BioBetter Ltd. is the developer behind a truly groundbreaking platform technology to manufacture advanced proteins — growth factors, antibodies, and any other protein — for use in the foodtech, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and other diverse industries.
Renewable energy
"Our technology is set to disrupt the global advanced protein market by dramatically reducing both CAPEX and OPEX and boosting production capacity"
Our platform employs field-grown tobacco plants as a self-sustained, animal- and pollution-free, renewable energy-driven “bioreactors” that constitutively express recombinant proteins with innate proprietary purification and integrated immunogenic sugar-removal mechanisms. These plant-based bioreactors provide a natural, efficient greenhouse gas sink, absorbing CO2 and releasing O2 back into the atmosphere.

Our Technology

Carbon fixation
Eukaryotic vector can express, fold, process any protein
novel, proprietary
purification process
production take place
in unclassified environment

The upstream process performed mainly in open field agricultural settings, making the platform’s scalability and the ability to respond to market needs limited only by the number of hectares available and by the 3-month growth cycle.

Our proprietary purification process is based on a chimeric protein produced in planta, which results in substantial cost reductions and enormous scalability in the downstream process, which makes BioBetter the cutting-edge solution for today’s industrial needs.

Applications requiring clean rooms (such as in the production of therapeutic proteins) are limited to a tiny footprint compared to alternative production systems.

Our Process

Is simple, robust, and animal-free, capable to produce proteins from any origin, custom proteins, tagged proteins, and chimeras, as well as virtually any protein — for medical, food, or any other industry or application.
Our extremely low cost, low risk technology offers tremendous flexibility and unlimited scalability.
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Identifying & optimizing of the gene of the target protein. which is followed by synthesizing the selected DNA**
**supervised by a certified CRO


Cloning the gene into BioBetter expression vectors, which have been optimized for specific functionalities and higher yields


Transferring the gene into tobacco plants


Selecting the top protein-expressing plants, which are breed further to arrive at the highest yielding, industrial-scale plant line for producing the target protein


Growing the selected tobacco plant lines (in nethouses), utilizing traditional agricultural methods


Harvesting when the plants are ready


After a few simple steps in a non-classified facility, extracting and purifying the target protein (to affinity chromatography purity grade), without using chromatography equipment

Our technology will drive substantial changes in the foodtech and healthcare industries,

by delivering better, more accessible products, without compromising on quality, efficiency, and efficacy.

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